What is Yupoo and how to use it with AliExpress?

What is Yupoo?

Yupoo is a Chinese social image network that allows users to send and arrange photos. Photos can be stored in albums. Each album can be customized with a description. Chinese sellers use Yupoo to present the catalog of products they have and sell. Yupoo can be seen as sharing Photo service like Google Photos album, the Yupoo site offers advanced features in photo sharing (watermark, views statistics, protection againist download) but nothing more.

Here is the home page of the Yupoo site, this page is in Chinese but with Google Chrome you can choose the automatic translation service to English.

From this homepage there is not much to do, because to access a yupoo, ie a collection of images, you must have the address!


How to find Yupoo Address?

If you type x.yupoo.com on Google you will find plenty of yupoo addresses. You will notice that most yupoo are actually galleries towards Nike, Adidas, NB and many others branded products.

To sell counterfeits products, Chinese sellers have decided to use services like Yupoo to put their catalog online. The contact is made via Whatsapp or Skype, the numbers are often provided in the catalogs and once the discussion is established the seller proposes a price that will be paid by a direct means: Paypal or Western Union. When paying with Paypal or Western Union it must be understood that there is no guarantee and apart from knowing the seller, it is a risky bet.

A major disadvantage when paying with Paypal is that it is fairly easy to come across a scam and never receive the product. Indeed some Chinese duplicate the yupoo of reliable seller to ghost yupoo. A few months ago many counterfeits were available on AliExpress, which is no longer the case now because AliExpress is strongly fighting any counterfeit product. There is a lot of person associating AliExpress to counterfeit, but this is no more the case today.


What is the link between Yupoo and AliExpress?

To offer AliExpress security to customers, Chinese sellers use a Yupoo catalog to show case their products and then redirect to an AliExpress product to conclude the transaction. The link provided on Yupoo will not match the product picture on AliExpress to avoid any issue. After paying you will receive the product highlighted in the Yupoo catalog.

Here are some famous catalog examples, when navigating in the album link are often display in the directory description.

  1. Kalvin Shop
  2. Brand Luxury Shop
  3. Zoestreet

What is available of Yupoo?

Everything that is made in China: shoes, sunglasses, handbags, brand watches and many others.


Counterfeit / Product Copy Considerations

Even if the products can be manufactured from the same factories, it is not necessarily the same materials and the same conditions of manufacture that will be applied to the counterfeits products. When the product comes from a different factory, the seller has tried to get closer to the finished product but probably does not follow the manufacturing process. It has neither the authorizations nor the manufacturing plans nor the rights to do so. The quality may vary greatly from the original product and be of course in all cases lower. However, this is a good opportunity to test the product at a lower price and if you are convinced by the design then you can decide to buy the official model, innovation and improvement is done through the purchase of official products. Also the lifetime of a counterfeit product will most likely be lower and safety precautions may be not respected.

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