How to go on AliExpress USA?

Click HERE to access AliExpress USA or UK. This link will direct you to Trending and most sold products are available here. Click on « Go to Global Site » if the website is not in english on the right hand corner.

AliExpress is one global website for every country around the world. When accessing from a different country only the interface is translated using a machine translation (like Google translate). There is not a dedicated website for the United States or United Kingdown because all goods are leaving the same country: China! Sellers are are able to ship in nearly all locations in the world, and USA is included.


How to go the English website?

If you have clicked on an AliExpress link and have been redirected to a localized version of AliExpress, it is very simple to return on the English version of AliExpress. To return on the global version, just click the right hand corner menu »Go to Global Site (English) ». This menu always remains in English whatever the language displayed.


Note: If English is not your main language, it is possible to change the language by clicking on « Language » in the top of the website. If you can speak English, I suggest you to remain on the English version, this is where the product titles and description are the most accurate.


How to access AliExpress Ireland, AliExpress Canada or AliExpress Australia? The answer is the same as for USA, the site in the same. There is no regional website of AliExpress, only one global version that you can access here Aliexpress.comHere is a table with all links

How to access Link
AliExpress English then click on « Go to Global Site »
AliExpress Canada English:
AliExpress Spain
AliExpress France



How to pay on AliExpress in Dollars and set shipping to USA?

It is important to set the delivery country (the country where you live) and to set in which currency you want to pay.

To set the AliExpress Regional Settings, click on the « Ship to » menu in the top hand corner. A lot of country are available, so even if you are in United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, United Kingdown and many more it is possible to order at AliExpress.

You should also set in which currency you want to pay to avoid any extra fees. The default currency is Dollar, so it works fine for the USA. For the other countries, feel free to set the currency.


And now …  a good question…

How to find amazing and good products on AliExpress?

To give you some ideas on the best AliExpress products, you can read the article on how to find brands on AliExpress.

Here are some tips for finding great products on AliExpress USA site (or other countries)

  1. Check the top sellings products per category : Best Sellers on AliExpressThis list is automatically updated on the AliExpress USA Website. There are 8 top sellings categories: « Women, Men, Electronics, Sports, Health, Kids, Home and Automotive »


2. Check the AliExpress Stores

To get to the AliExpress shops, it’s easy, just click on one of the categories on the site (Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Phone). Then, on menu, check on the right hand column, you will see many famous stores depending on the category you are. You just have to click on the store name, and then navigate in the store pages.


If I had to recommend some AliExpress stores, I would mention the Xiaomi for Smartphones or SheIn for Women fashion. But there are plenty of stores that offer really good products. Make your own selection.

Link to ALiExpress USA

3. Use the search bar and words suggestion



Is AliExpress reliable?

Yes AliExpress is really reliable. The site has a trustworthy transaction evaluation system to evaluate all vendors and products sold on the platform.

Rely on product reviews and leave them out. It is possible to sort the reviews according to the country of origin, this is a very useful feature because the appreciation of a product can vary from one country to another.

By selecting the reviews of the products sent to USA or UK you will have a comment closer to your perception. The seller’s assessment is represented in the form of badges (medals, diamonds and crowns) and will appear on the product and seller pages. The product rating is a rating out of 5, in the form of stars. The more a store has positive reviews and the more he will earn reward badges.

You can check product and vendor ratings on both the « Similar Category » page and the product detail page, where you can find more details about ratings and comments from other buyers.

Feel free to add your review and rating on the product you bought by clicking on « Add your review ». This is possible within 30 days after receiving the product. This will help future buyers to decide and sellers to improve the overall quality.


I have a problem with my AliExpress order. How to open a dispute?

Buyer protection protects you from un-arrived packages, products that do not work, do not match the description, or are counterfeit when sold as originals.

The best thing to do is to contact the seller directly before opening the dispute. The Chinese culture makes that your interlocutor will remain very positive, and will risk calling you « my friend ». This is normal, stay calm and tell why you are not satisfied. The tool also allows you to request a refund amount that the seller can decide to accept or not.

Beyond a certain delay, if no solution are found between you and the seller, AliExpress will rule on the situation. In most cases, it will end up in your favor. To speed up the intervention of AliExpress, you can click on « Open a mediation »


After ordering more than 150 products on AliExpress, I only had an issue 2 times. So yes definitively, you can trust AliExpress. The average delivery delay is around 1 month.



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